Year’s End Brings New Kitchen Trends

The year is coming to an end. We know, it’s still October, but November is next week and that means the holiday season is just around the corner. We’ve had a great year; we’ve seen some great trends. We’re taking some time to reflect on what we’ve loved – from monochromatic colors to streamlined designs, we’ve created incredibly crafted cabinets. We’re also taking the time to celebrate all that we’re looking forward to in the cabinet trends of 2017.

Contrasting Sink

Add a colorful of contrasting sink to your kitchen for an unexpected design pop. Use a bright hue or a modern silver.

Our Anchester Espresso line (featured here) has a modern design aesthetic, especially when paired with a contrasting sink.

Silver or Contrasting Colorful Sink

Dark Wood

Dark woods offer style and timeless design. If paired with light walls or appliances, dark cabinets create an incredible contrast.

We craft our Anchester Espresso and our Edinburgh (pictured here) lines with dark hues.

Dark Cabinets

Hidden Appliances

The appliances aren’t going away, but having them out in the open is.  Appliances are finding their own spaces to live in kitchens. If appliances aren’t hidden and aren’t silver, they’re blending with the color of your kitchen.

In this Heidelberg kitchen, the microwave has its own nook and can be pulled out at the convenience of the homeowner.
Hidden Appliances

Metal Range Hoods

Pick the hue that’s best for you, but metal range hoods are among the top trends of 2017. The hoods offer all cabinets a sleek, updated design, but complimentary of classic style.

The classic look of the Princeton creates a stylish juxtaposition with the updated design of the metal hood.

Metal Range Hood

No matter your style, we have the craftsmanship and cabinets for you – and 2017 is following right behind with incredible trends.

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