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Cabinet Design: Lancaster Vintage Charcoal


As a home builder or professional designer, you’re tasked with finding cabinets for current and future clients that come at a good price and quality, but meet the style requests and needs of any homeowner. Fortunately, we have nearly 2 dozen cabinet collections in various hues and styles to select from. Shop though the Selected Vendors website or download the Selected Vendors app to see the full lineup of custom options. Is a dedicated design consultant what you need to help you find the solution? Get connected with one today. LANCASTER VINTAGE CHARCOAL | LINE DETAILS Vintage charcoal stained finish 5-piece recessed panel doors and drawer fronts Solid maple door style with […]

2022 Kitchen Trends

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Cabinet Design: Newport White


Looking for kitchen cabinets for your next kitchen design project or kitchen remodel? Any of our lines of custom kitchen cabinets will make your current or future clients pleased with the home you create for them. Whether you’re shopping yourself though the Selected Vendors website or Selected Vendors app, or you’re working with one of our dedicated design consultants, we’ll help you find the solution for a sleek, modern kitchen. NEWPORT WHITE | LINE DETAILS Full overlay framed cabinets Classic white painted finish 5-piece raised panel doors with 5/8″ MDF center panel 5-piece recessed panel drawer fronts with 3/8″ MDF center panel Plywood […]