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Closing the Cabinet Door on 2017

Silver or Contrasting Colorful Sink

2018 is already here and we’re looking back on the trends we saw in the cabinet industry last year. We’re taking some time to reflect on the trends we’ve enjoyed – from pops of color to innovative storage, we’ve created incredibly crafted cabinets. Color Pops This year was a time for experimenting with design and color. Whether we were adding bright-hued dishes or piece of artwork above the sink, we had the power to bring our kitchens to life the way we wanted. Backsplash with a colorful pattern or design behind the stove was one of our favorite ways to execute this design. Storage The days of a cupboard […]

Year’s End Brings New Kitchen Trends

2017 Kitchen Trends

The year is coming to an end. We know, it’s still October, but November is next week and that means the holiday season is just around the corner. We’ve had a great year; we’ve seen some great trends. We’re taking some time to reflect on what we’ve loved – from monochromatic colors to streamlined designs, we’ve created incredibly crafted cabinets. We’re also taking the time to celebrate all that we’re looking forward to in the cabinet trends of 2017. Contrasting Sink Add a colorful of contrasting sink to your kitchen for an unexpected design pop. Use a bright hue or a modern […]