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3 Ways to Maximize Closet Space


As a place that’s aimed to organize, closets have a habit of becoming catch-all spaces in any home. The ability to customize closets has come a long way with the assortment of design pieces available. See below for ways to make the most of the closet storage spaces in all your builds. USE ALL AVAILABLE SPACE From the floor to the corners, that’s space that can be used. SHOE DISPLAYS With space at the bottom of the closet or even in the middle, utilize shelves or dedicated baskets to display & store shoes. MORE THAN CLOTHES RACKS  Top shelves are essential for closet space. Add a corner […]

Make the Most of a Kitchen Island


Kitchen islands aren’t simply an added bonus to a kitchen, but a sought after feature for most home owners. When building or renovating homes, there’s no one-size-fits all approach to an island. There are countless sizes and designs because each home owner requires a unique solution. Regardless of the dimensions, below are the top 4 things to keep in mind when designing a kitchen island. SEATING A traditional dining room isn’t guaranteed in modern home builds, and when one is blueprinted, home owners more often will utilize the space for a different purpose. If a dining room is sacrificed, creating dedicated seating […]

6 Reasons Cabinets Beat Open Shelving


    The more kitchen design you see today, the more often you will find open or floating shelves. While we can appreciate the trend, we have six reasons traditional cabinets are the right way to go for your next kitchen design. Keep reading to see more! 1. Easy Storage A kitchen should always have the right amount of storage for all your needs. Cabinets offer a set place for any item to live when it’s not in use without sparing usability. 2. Clear of Clutter Design Even with organized open shelving, it’s easy for the shelves to look cluttered. Without […]