Find the Cabinet Style for You

Do you ever hear from your clients’, “what would it look like if we made a little change here or did this there?” When was the last time they had their kitchen designed? Or are you designing a kitchen from the beginning and you want to create the perfect space? The truth is, this is someone’s dream home, but what’s going to make it their dream kitchen as well?


Within our studio and showroom, we have twelve lines. That means we have the cabinets to turn anyone’s dream kitchen into their new favorite room in their home. The joy of kitchen design today is that it’s as customizable as any other room. Say goodbye to the classic kitchen look – unless that’s the aesthetic you want to create for your clients, then take that classic style and make it their own.


So what’s their style? Do they prefer monochromatic colors with a modern edge? Our Anchester and Yorktown lines promise that. No matter the hue pit into your design, paired with sleek hardware and a color blocked backsplash, you can create a kitchen any homeowner will never want to leave.

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When you imagine walking into a finished kitchen, do you envision your design having rich color, incredible craftsmanship, and impeccable crown molding? Our Cambridge, Edinburgh, Heildelberg, and Kingston models all possess that. Each line with its own rich, deep colors, has a classic charm with a luxurious finished look.

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If your client’s taste and your design fall somewhere between these two styles, there is still a range of cabinets that will work in a home. Any of them are perfect to personalize any kitchen.


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