Turn Your Closet into a Dressing Room

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Does you look at your closet and smile, or does closet leave you more stressed than anything? Your closet should be one of the most organized spaces in your home, but unfortunately, it’s one of the easiest places to let things wind up when they don’t belong. Whether your closet needs a makeover because it’s time for something new, it’s disorganized, or you need to maximize space, we have the solutions to give you the closet you want.

One of the most important things you can do, is don’t throw away space. Make the most out of all areas, even the corners. Add a corner rack or shelf. These are good places to put smaller items or things you want to put on display. The top shelf is also very important in maximizing your space. It’s the perfect place to store bags, shoes, and seasonal clothes you don’t wear often. Empty floor space is an opportunity to store shoes or clothes with a shoe rack or a storage bench.

Adding visual charm to your closet will also help to make the most out of your space. Adding even a little light will make your closet appear larger when it shines on your clothes. It also makes standing in your closet a little more fun when you’re trying to decide what to wear. Adding a mirror improves the space because it gives your closet the dressing-room feel. Painting the inside of the closet a lighter color will make your closet look larger and will make your clothes pop when they’re hanging up.

Now that you’ve created your closet space, go one step farther and eliminate everything you don’t need. When it comes to your closet, it’s about quality over quantity. You’ll give yourself more room to add anything you really love along the way.

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