Trendy Kitchens for 2016

Someone said, “The fondest memories are those gathered around a table.” The kitchen is the heart of any home. The kitchen needs to be warm, welcoming, and making everyone who enters it feel like they’re in their own home.

There are various design trends that can create this atmosphere in your kitchen. LifeArt Cabinetry offers all of these designs to its customers, and can provide even a more custom design for each customer’s taste.

Black & White

A black and white palette is classic. It makes people nostalgic and gives any home a traditional elegance. The contrast balances the light and the dark and gives a modern edge to the classic design.


Bold Fixtures

Bold fixtures give a stylish twist to the classic kitchen. Whether it is a statement light fixture or unique sink, these details standout in the best way. The way these fixtures hang low creates the illusion that the space between the floor and the ceiling is larger than it is.


Sleek Design & Architectural Lines

The modern fixtures on the cabinets have clean lines and

give a minimalist look to the design of the kitchen. These handles and the industrial appliances give a look that is streamlined and compliments the layout of this kitchen.


Go for the Gray

Adding a gray contrast to a white kitchen creates sophistication and casts a positive shadow throughout your favorite room. It draws the eye to the white and accentuates the beauty and craftsmanship of the cabinetry. The gray is also a trendy alternative to the classic hues of cabinets-past.


Maximize Functionality

This kitchen offers function on top of just the cabinets. By installing a wine fridge under the counter, LifeArt gave this home a designated purpose other than a post that could have went unused. The internal wine racks in the upper cabinets also help to maximize the use of function within the kitchen.






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