Make the Most of a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands aren’t simply an added bonus to a kitchen, but a sought after feature for most home owners. When building or renovating homes, there’s no one-size-fits all approach to an island. There are countless sizes and designs because each home owner requires a unique solution. Regardless of the dimensions, below are the top 4 things to keep in mind when designing a kitchen island.



A traditional dining room isn’t guaranteed in modern home builds, and when one is blueprinted, home owners more often will utilize the space for a different purpose. If a dining room is sacrificed, creating dedicated seating at a kitchen island is increasingly important. As islands are already centralized within a key-gathering space in the home, it makes for the perfect seating location.



Seating doesn’t equate to giving up an island’s storage. Whether the kitchen offers limited space or not, creating an additional location for any kitchen good or gadget within the island does so without being in the way.



To streamline a kitchen’s design or cut back on the clutter of its design, homing appliances within the island is a solution. Microwaves, coffee makers, and ice machines that are used often but don’t require much space all work well within a kitchen island.



With limited counter space in the rest of the kitchen, being able to put a sink or stove top in a kitchen island’s design offers more space for storage or food prep surface area.

There is a multitude of ways to customize a kitchen island; the design is up to the needs of the each home owner.

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