6 Reasons Cabinets Beat Open Shelving



The more kitchen design you see today, the more often you will find open or floating shelves. While we can appreciate the trend, we have six reasons traditional cabinets are the right way to go for your next kitchen design.

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1. Easy Storage

A kitchen should always have the right amount of storage for all your needs. Cabinets offer a set place for any item to live when it’s not in use without sparing usability.

2. Clear of Clutter Design

Even with organized open shelving, it’s easy for the shelves to look cluttered. Without cabinet doors, an organized stack of dishes can be an overwhelming sight. In addition to our large collection of cabinets, we have dozens of options for cabinet and drawer organizers to use as a wholistic home organization solution.

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3. Hassle-Free Cleaning

The fact of the matter is, kitchens get messy, but why make cleaning more difficult. When you’re in the kitchen, it’s easy to take a cleaning cloth to closed cabinets and easily wipe away any mess. With open shelving, you have to lift each dish exposed to clean accordingly.

4. Streamlined Design

Cohesive design is always a safe bet for home owners or future buyers. Everyone has cabinets in the bottom half of kitchens, but adding open shelving above doesn’t have the same design or efficiency flow. As floating shelves are typically used for dishes and bakeware, it limits the in-kitchen space for baking goods or other supplies needed in meal prep.

5. Storage Safety

As nice as open shelf may look at first, there’s no level of protection from accidents, so any items are susceptible to damages. A fall from upstairs or even powerful thunder could be enough to shake a shelf and cause dishes to fall and break.

6. Smart Investing

When the house is ready to sell, more than likely the new buyer is going to want cabinets. Kitchen remodels can be expensive, so on top of closing costs and the house itself, they can also be a reason not to purchase the home. People spend the majority of their time in a kitchen or living room, so any homebuyer is going to make sure both rooms meet the needs they’re bringing to the home, and storage is a top contender for anyone.

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