3 Kitchen Trends to Pay Attention to in 2021

It seems 2021 is the year for kitchen design. All-white kitchens don’t have the prominence they once did in the design space, but now, eclectic and modern designs are gaining their place. The age-old question of resale value in relation to trendy vs timeless kitchen design seems to also be less of a concern. It doesn’t seem like these trends are going anywhere anytime soon.

Keep reading to see the kitchen trends you’ll be seeing the remainder of 2021.


More and more builders and home buyers are opting to mix and match the hues of the kitchen island with those of the base cabinets along the kitchen walls. You’ll continue to see these contrasts also extend to cabinet hardware.


While the number of all-white kitchens is dwindling, one facet of current kitchen design is a white or other neutral countertop. The clean lines and bright hues are still two factors home owners factor in to their overall kitchen’s design.
160763205848447 (1)WARM METALS:

Regardless of the cool tones, more and more designers and home buyers are opting for featured warm metal tones. To give a cohesive look to a kitchen, even a cool-toned one, a featured light pendant or fixture brings the perfect amount of warmth and personalization.
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