3 Kitchen Trends You’ll See More of in 2021

Kitchen Design has taken a front seat in 2021 as more and more design trends gain prominence in homes and on Pinterest boards alike.

Keep reading to see three new trends you’ll be seeing the remainder of 2021. Visit our previous post here to see three more you can expect to see in the kitchen design space.


While the need for kitchen cabinets will never go away, we’re seeing more builders and home buyers opt for hybrid systems. Home owners are choosing to go for a traditional cabinet on the bottom half of their kitchens and floating or exposed shelves on top.

As with this client, our design team helped them to select and combination of linear exposed shelving with framed cabinet casings.
1607632057960344 (1)TEXTURED CEILINGS:

While a plastered or sheetrock ceiling is timeless, textured materials are gaining momentum across kitchen trends. Whether it’s a shiplap or exposed brick or beams, the techniques add character and another outlet for originality in the home-build or renovation process.


No matter the modernity of the kitchen design, a natural stone backsplash has a preference and elevated the style of the room.


Our signature Lancaster Blue cabinet line was featured throughout this blog. The line features a framed style and a deep ocean blue hue. To shop the full Lancaster Blue collection, please visit our Selected Vendors site.

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