Cabinet Design: Wurzburg

Mahogany stained cabinets. Solid wood construction. Contemporary design.


Clients with a desire for an inviting, contemporary aesthetic in their kitchens will appreciate the craftsmanship of the Wurzburg line. The warm tone of the stain pairs excellently with any hardware. The lines of these silver handles compliment the sleek design of the Wurzburg cabinets.


You can work with your clients to customize their cabinets for their needs. The Wurzburg line features both an open-faced style and classic style door option. Clients can choose to conceal or show as many of their cabinet contents as they like with the different options.


As every bit of space is important for storage, our designers will work with you to utilize drawers or cabinets in even the smallest spaces. The Wurzburg line brings with it the soft-close feature that’s synonymous with LifeArt design and craftsmanship.

Contact your LifeArt concierge today to add Wurzburg to your 2019 designs. Wurzburg3

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