Cabinet Design: Birmingham

Beautifully crafted, naturally maple stained: Birmingham

With the Birmingham line, design not only a kitchen but the room your clients are going to want to entertain and create memories in. The warm hue of the natural maple tones in the cabinets’ finish is inviting and perfect for any space in a home.

Birmingham 1

Designing a space with the Birmingham line offers the LifeArt quality and standards of soft-close cabinet hinges and drawer glides. Create the most precise and purposeful storage solution with our selection of drawers and cabinet pieces.

Birmingham 3

With the warm finish of the line, even cool and neutral toned design elements can pair well with your designs. You and your clients can add any appliances and handles you wish while still creating a cohesive, welcoming space. You can see more like this one on Selected Vendors.

Birmingham 4

If a client wants to add a personalized design element to their kitchen, our design team will work with you to design the perfect fixture. A built-in wine bottle rack and under-rack storage with lighting are both ingenious kitchen storage additions but also ensure a unique touch.

Birmingham 5

To create a truly personal design, mixing in elements of natural stones works very well with the maple hue of the Birmingham line. An interesting take on combining the elements is creating a split-medium island like this one. We will make sure you get the ratio of pieces necessary to bring any of your visions to life.

Birmingham 6

Know the Birmingham line is right for your next kitchen design project? See the full line here. Our team is here to help you bring your clients’ dreams and your designs to life.


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