Summer Kitchen Trends

Summer is here, so that means that cookouts and more time spent in the kitchen. Summer also means a new season of design trends you’re going to start seeing in your favorite room of the house. Here are a few of our favorites!


Color Pops

Sure, a neutral kitchen is always going to be in-style, but now’s the time to try experimenting with color. Whether you’re adding bright-hued dishes or piece of artwork above the sink, you can pick how you bring kitchens to life. Want to be really daring? A backsplash with a colorful pattern or design behind the stove is the way to go.



Long gone are the days of a cupboard here and there to hide pots and pans in. With so many innovative designs, create the storage you need, where it’s needed. Today, almost everything can have its own custom space with just the right dimensions.


Handle-less Cabinets

There’s something modern and effortless about a cabinet with no handles or visible hardware. Streamline any kitchen or cabinet in a home with the touch of a smooth cabinet door. Cabinets can have a simple push-close method or click-into-place close.


Industrial Accents

It’s time to embrace the large, silver, farmhouse sink. No matter the rest of the design, you can give any style an updated-modern edge with the touch of these industrial design touches.


Before we know it, fall will be here and we’ll have a new list of trends to bring to the (kitchen) table.

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