We’re Thinking Inside the Box for our Frameless Lines

LifeArt Cabinetry is taking your love for the Cambridge and Edinburgh cabinets, and thinking inside the box to upgrade them for you. You heard us right, inside the box. We’re giving these frameless styles solid wood drawer boxes.

Cabinet drawer

Framelss Cabinet drawer

Cabinet Drawers

Frameless Cabinet Drawer

The new drawer boxes will be solid wood and paired with under-mount, soft-close slides. Quick-release clips are part of the under-mount slides to add to the close of the cabinets. What can you expect from these new drawers? Other than the ease of closing them, a classic, clear maple finish – complimentary to both of these lines’ styles and color tones. Style your drawers with adjustable horizontal or vertical knobs of your choice.



Starting July 1 st, we’re implementing the price increase for these new features. Wanting to upgrade your current showroom display? Call your account representative today – there’s a limited supply of drawer boxes for showrooms.



Wondering about your other favorite lines? The Anchester line ins continuing its design with metal side panels. As for now, the other lines will remain the lines you know and love.

Cambridge Cabinets

Cambridge Cabinets


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