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Find the most up-to-date design trends in bathroom designs, kitchen design, and custom cabinets.

Cabinet Design: Newport White


Looking for kitchen cabinets for your next kitchen design project or kitchen remodel? Any of our lines of custom kitchen cabinets will make your current or future clients pleased with the home you create for them. Whether you’re shopping yourself though the Selected Vendors website or Selected Vendors app, or you’re working with one of our dedicated design consultants, we’ll help you find the solution for a sleek, modern kitchen. NEWPORT WHITE | LINE DETAILS Full overlay framed cabinets Classic white painted finish 5-piece raised panel doors with 5/8″ MDF center panel 5-piece recessed panel drawer fronts with 3/8″ MDF center panel Plywood […]

3 Kitchen Trends You’ll See More of in 2021

Kitchen Design has taken a front seat in 2021 as more and more design trends gain prominence in homes and on Pinterest boards alike. Keep reading to see three new trends you’ll be seeing the remainder of 2021. Visit our previous post here to see three more you can expect to see in the kitchen design space. FLOATING SHELVES: While the need for kitchen cabinets will never go away, we’re seeing more builders and home buyers opt for hybrid systems. Home owners are choosing to go for a traditional cabinet on the bottom half of their kitchens and floating or exposed shelves […]

3 Kitchen Trends to Pay Attention to in 2021

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It seems 2021 is the year for kitchen design. All-white kitchens don’t have the prominence they once did in the design space, but now, eclectic and modern designs are gaining their place. The age-old question of resale value in relation to trendy vs timeless kitchen design seems to also be less of a concern. It doesn’t seem like these trends are going anywhere anytime soon. Keep reading to see the kitchen trends you’ll be seeing the remainder of 2021. MIXED HUES:  More and more builders and home buyers are opting to mix and match the hues of the kitchen island with those […]