Cabinet Design: Yorktown

Pure white cabinets. Solid wood construction. Contemporary design.

Yorktown 1

Create your clients’ dream kitchens with the Yorktown line. Go above the traditional island, and give them a place to truly enjoy sitting for work, eating, or just hanging out. Our designers will work with you to give a place and purpose for all your clients’ things and storage.
Yorktown 5

With the neutrality of the pure white cabinets, you and your clients can stylishly pair them with any backsplash to create a custom, cohesive design.

Yorktown 2

Never be limited to the appliances in a home because of cabinet construction. Our team can help you to get the correct pieces to build around the appliances you or your clients are putting in the kitchen.Yorktown 3

Functionality and storage is one of the most important aspects of kitchen design. The Yorktown line, like all of our Lifeart cabinets, feature soft-closing drawers.

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