Closet, Not Catch-All

Closets are meant to help you get dressed, but they should never cause stress. As a place that’s aimed to organize, they have a habit of being a catch-all. Gone are the days of having a closet out of a technicality. We’re going to show you how to turn your closet into a dressing room.

Most importantly, use all the space available. From the floor to the corners, that’s space that can be used. Add a corner rack or top-to-bottom shelf. Top shelves are essential for closet space. If you have seasonal items, it’s a great place to place them for them for the time being. Have space at the bottom of the closet? Add shelves to display & store shoes.

Before you hang your clothes up, paint the interior of your space. Have fun deciding what to wear by adding lights to your closet and shine some light on your favorite clothes. If you have space, add a mirror to completely turn that closet into a dressing room.

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