Closet Design for the New Year

Your clients’ closet should be one of the spaces in their homes that needs organization the most, but they’re one of the places where things tend to end up if they don’t have a proper place. Clients come to you because they want a new design completely, their spaces are disorganized, or they need to make the most of whatever space they have. Whichever it is, our designers will work with you to create that solution they need.

A simple solution that goes a long way is adding visual elements. Enhanced lighting will make any space, especially a closet, appear larger. An impressive way to add this to a design is purposefully placing the lights to accentuate items within the space. Incorporating mirror and reflective details to the space will add dimension to your design. If installing cabinets within the closet or storage space, try opting for a doors with paneling that features a mirror or glass-front.

Never underestimate space when it comes to closet design. Top shelves above cabinets are too valuable to be wasted. Whether it’s simple storage like boxes or baskets, or placing items on their own, that space is good for putting items used less-often, but still important to your clients. Areas like corners tend to be forgotten, but they can offer practical storage space with the addition of a shelf or cabinet. Any available floor space can be transformed with storage bench-top seating.

The start of a new year is a great opportunity for storage and closet design. We’re looking forward to creating spaces with you in 2019.

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