Cabinet Design: Oxford





Classic design, soft white finish, rich details: Oxford.

Create kitchens for your clients with Oxford cabinets and give them a room that epitomizes luxury and comfort.

Oxford Vault Ceiling

With a soft finish, pair Oxford cabinets with a floor in any color or texture. Create dimension and draw the eye from the floor to the ceiling with standout details like these beamed ceilings.

Oxford & Edinburgh

To completely customize your clients’ kitchens, mix the lines you use in the design. The Oxford line pairs well with Edinburgh. The contrast of the soft & dark finishes compliment well with the similar carved details.

Oxford Custom Appliances

With a wide collection of Oxford pieces, create kitchens that fit all of your clients’ storage and appliances. See the full line here.


Kitchen design doesn’t stop at the cabinets. The Oxford line’s soft color pairs well with a wide array of backsplash. Continue a light aesthetic or create a pop in the details with a dark or patterned approach.

Oxford Window Frame

Your clients are each unique, so why shouldn’t your design be? Take the classic framework of kitchen cabinets, and put an interesting spin on them. Instead of framing a window, break up the streamline and use the natural light to shine onto your work.

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