Cabinet Design: Anchester Grey

Sleek details, modern grey finish: Anchester 2.Anchester Grey 3

Work with your clients to meet their style with these transitional cabinets. With a streamlined design, the Anchester 2 line can complement the look of any kitchen. Adding elements of the shiplap stove hood and these exposed-bulb fixtures, your clients can achieve the modern farmhouse that’s popular.

Anchester Grey 2

Add more dimension to your finished kitchens by selecting from a multitude of natural stone countertops. Marble and granite are just two options that will look great with the tone of these grey cabinets and that your clients will love.

Anchester Grey 4

As you’re designing, give your clients all of the storage and utility space they need. Anchester 2’s line features LifeArt’s staple of soft-close drawers. Instead of sacrificing counter space, customize dimensions and build the cabinets around appliances.

Anchester Grey 5

Hardware can take any design and magnify and transform its style. With the neutral tone of the cabinets, you and your clients can pair virtually any color or metal of hardware to the Anchester grey cabinets and drawers. For the modern farmhouse look, these black metal handles are a great choice.

Anchester Grey 6

If your client needs a workspace but is limited on an office, the Anchester 2 line is great for a custom work nook. Pairing well with exposed brick or stone, you can truly give your clients cabinets for whatever style they love.

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