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Shop Selected Vendors

Shop Selected Vendors

You’ve come to know us as a cabinet company, but at LifeArt, we now have even more to offer. Through our service, Selected Vendors, shop our wide selection of products to design your home from the ground up. Shop online for pieces from each of our cabinet lines. We offer our wide selection of framed and frameless cabinet options and universal construction pieces. Completely customize any closet with Selected Vendors. From all wood closet systems to universal organizers, we offer a shoppable, wide array of pieces and combinations.  After designing your cabinets, choose from nearly 100 different options of handles […]

3 Ways to Maximize Closet Space


As a place that’s aimed to organize, closets have a habit of becoming catch-all spaces in any home. The ability to customize closets has come a long way with the assortment of design pieces available. See below for ways to make the most of the closet storage spaces in all your builds. USE ALL AVAILABLE SPACE From the floor to the corners, that’s space that can be used. SHOE DISPLAYS With space at the bottom of the closet or even in the middle, utilize shelves or dedicated baskets to display & store shoes. MORE THAN CLOTHES RACKS  Top shelves are essential for closet space. Add a corner […]