Closet Hacks: How to Make the Best of Small Spaces

Not everyone is lucky enough to have their very own spacious walk-in closet. Chances are you’ve had to deal with a very small closet at some point in your life, and you might even have one now. Luckily there are some easy closet hacks to make the most of your space- no matter the size!

Clean It Out

The fist step in making the most of your small closet is making sure you’re not storing more than you have to. Go through your clothes and look for things that you never wear or don’t fit in, and[…] donate or sell them. The same goes for shoes, old boxes of things, and any other junk that’s cluttering up your space. Next you’ll want to rotate out your wardrobe by season. If it’s springtime take all of your winter sweaters and put them in a box, or better, a vacuum-sealed bag that can keep dust out and eliminates space. Store it all under your bed or hide it away in another place. After doing this, your closet should be looking bigger already!

Hanger Hack

To get the most out of your closet you should hang as much of your clothes as possible, saving precious drawer or shelf space for items that can’t be hung. A hanger hack that can free up more space on your closet rod uses something you probably already have lying around: a soda can tab. Grab the tab and slide one hole of it over the hanger hook so it’s resting at the base. Now you can use the other hole of the tab and hook on another hanger so you’re getting two items hung in the space of one. If you have room to add whole other rod behind or below the one you already have, that would be another great way to double up on space as well.

Don’t Waste Any Space

Look for empty walls in your closet—these could be a prime location for new hooks or organizers for your stuff. A bag rack would be an easy way to store any purses you have lying on the ground or a good way to organize ties or accessories. That extra space above your door could be used to hang items you only use occasionally, such as weekend bags or luggage. Hammer in some heavy-duty hooks and your duffle will be out of sight. Make sure to use all of your space wisely. If you can’t hang an entire organizer, hammer in a couple hooks on a thinner wall for smaller items. Using the back of your closet door is critical too. Hang a shoe organizer over the back and use the compartments for whatever you like.

Don’t Ignore Your Floor

While you don’t want to risk tripping yourself, you can still do a lot with your floor space. In order to avoid having the floor look cluttered, you’ll want to use some kind of organizer. Whether it’s a shoe rack, bins, or decorative boxes, you can create a lot of extra storage at the ground level. Line the wall with these storage savers and test out the new space to make sure you can still walk from side-to-side and reach what you need without any issues.

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