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Find the Cabinet Style for You

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Do you ever look around your kitchen and find yourself thinking about what it would look like if you made a “little change here,” or “do this there”? When was the last time you designed your kitchen? Or do you live in a home where the kitchen looks that way because that’s how you bought the the house? The truth is, you may have your dream home, but do you have your dream kitchen?   Within our studio and show room, we have twelve lines. That means we have the cabinets to turn anyone’s dream kitchen into their new favorite […]

The Best Ways to Use Dark Colors in Your Kitchen

Grey kitchen featuring Greystone color hardwood floor (Maple-Greystone)

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Many people today focus on using white to brighten up the kitchen, but what about black? It’s easy to shy away from this color and other dark hues like charcoal and navy because they’re known to suck light out of a room and make it look harsh or gloomy. If this is the impression you have of using black in the kitchen, you’re not using it correctly. Here are seven ways to incorporate dark colors to add a modern, sleek appearance to your kitchen. Dark Kitchen Cabinets Black or charcoal cabinets may look stunning in your kitchen, especially if you […]

Lighten Up – How to Get More Light in Your Kitchen


Even the most beautiful cabinets, appliances, and countertops look dull in poor lighting. Lack of light also makes cooking more difficult, and even prevents family and friends from wanting to gather in the kitchen. Here’s how to bring in more light – both natural and artificial. Change Your Window Coverings The simplest change you can make is simply to ditch those dark window coverings. Heavy, opaque materials absorb light and make the room feel like a cave. You can still achieve privacy and let natural light in with thin cotton, linen, or sheer window coverings in a light color. If […]