7 Ways to Free Up More Space Inside Your Kitchen Cabinets

Extra cabinet storage space in a kitchen is ideal no matter the size of a kitchen. More kitchen cabinets installed is one solution. These seven tips can free up kitchen cabinet space and cut down on your budget.

  1. Purge the Cabinets

Open each cabinet one by one and assess how much junk is wasting space. Clear out anything you don’t use on a regular basis. Consider an alternative location for storing large platters and your fine China, such as the dining room hutch or a hall closet.

Some items aren’t even worth keeping. Throw away stained or mismatched leftover containers, chipped mugs and expired food to free up room for things you actually want.

  1. Hang Shelves

If you have open wall space, don’t let it go to waste. Kitchens traditionally feature cabinets, but installing open shelving is a great way to store items you use frequently, not to mention free up more space in your cabinets.

  1. Use Multipurpose Baskets

Baskets are inexpensive and visually appealing, meaning you have the option of storing them directly on the kitchen counter or shelves. Store dish cloths, pot holders, spices, and even fruits and vegetables in these baskets so they don’t take up space in the cabinets.

  1. Use Cabinet Shelves and Dividers

Your plates may only stack 4 inches high, leaving 6 inches of wasted space above them. Wire shelves let you get more from every inch of cabinet space without having a heavy, 10-inch stack of plates to dig through. Dividers are equally useful for creating vertical storage space in your cabinets, perfect for large platters, cutting boards and cookie sheets.

  1. Hang Pots and Pans

These bulky items take up a ton of cabinet space. Rethink the way you store items in your kitchen by mounting hooks to the wall above the oven to hold your pots and pans. You can also install a ceiling pot rack above the island for a visually pleasing, space-saving way to store your cookware.

  1. Store Food in Jars

Buy a variety of airtight jars to store everything from flour and sugar to cereal and granola bars. Decorative options like these give you the opportunity to store them on the counter without looking tacky. This frees up space behind closed cabinet doors for items that aren’t so visually appealing.

  1. Organize the Under-Sink Cabinet

This is probably one of the most crowded, disorganized cabinets in your kitchen. To get more out of the space, mount hooks and cans to the inside of the cabinet doors to store sponges, brushes and dish soap. Stretch a tension rod from left to right within the cabinet to hang spray bottles. Place baskets on the floor of the cabinet to house other cleaning products.

With the help of these tips, you’ll soon have more cabinet space to work with, and your kitchen will suddenly feel more spacious and functional!

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