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Closet Hacks: How to Make the Best of Small Spaces

Not everyone is lucky enough to have their very own spacious walk-in closet. Chances are you’ve had to deal with a very small closet at some point in your life, and you might even have one now. Luckily there are some easy closet hacks to make the most of your space- no matter the size! Clean It Out The fist step in making the most of your small closet is making sure you’re not storing more than you have to. Go through your clothes and look for things that you never wear or don’t fit in, and[…]

How to Market to Your Cabinet Clients

Market kitchen cabinets

There’s more to selling cabinets than, well, selling cabinets. In order to get a cabinet business up and running, you must first find clients. Finding clients means marketing, which can be both expensive and ineffective if done incorrectly. If done correctly, however, marketing does not have to break the bank and can reach many potential clients. The following suggestions can help jumpstart your marketing and gain more cabinet clients. Expand your services. Use every talent and resource you have to offer services to clients. Talents might include interior decorating or consultations. Expanding your services will help you reach a greater […]