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Get Motivated! How to Stop Procrastinating Your Kitchen Remodel

Female Hands Framing Custom Kitchen Design Drawing and Photo Combination.

Do you feel a sense of dread every time you enter the kitchen? This annoying little feature here or lack of functionality there irks you every time you cook. Yet you keep putting off that kitchen remodel. Why?

Dream Kitchen Spotlight – Kingston


Doesn’t this beautiful kitchen feel just like home? The Kingston Kitchen features fantastic cinnamon stained cabinets that help make this kitchen warm and cozy. With lights shining through the windowed cabinets you’re able to showcase your accent pieces while allowing for spacious storage. With everything you need at your fingertips, why would you want to leave this kitchen? Check out these pictures to see how you feel. Check out our shop for more information on our Kingston cabinets!

5 Kitchen Countertop Materials Reviewed


Getting new countertops is an exciting way to give new life to your kitchen and help you enjoy cooking like never before! But which material should you upgrade to? Consider the strengths and weaknesses of five common countertop materials. Marble As one of the most elegant countertop materials you can choose, marble derives some of its value from the fact that no two marble slabs are the same. Color choices and veining patterns differ widely, increasing the chance that you’ll find the perfect slab for your kitchen. Strengths: Elegant beauty Waterproof Heat resistant Weaknesses: Expensive Porous surface stains quite easily […]