10 Things to Consider Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

Looking to remodel a bathroom, but haven’t done it before? Don’t just take the plunge without knowing what you’re getting into. Here is a list of ten things you will want to keep in mind when planning your remodel.

  1. Buy Everything First –  Have everything on hand first is the best thing to do before you begin tearing things out of your bathroom. If you are gutting the entire bathroom or only making a few changes, selecting your paint colors, fixtures, and tiles ahead of time will save you time.
  2. Unforeseen Costs – Always think about is the cost. Setting your budget and pricing out everything you will need is a good idea to consider before extending your budget. You might run into an issue like having to update all of the electrical wirings, in which case you will be happy you set aside some extra money in the budget.
  3. Shower Storage – Designate a few spots to add some shower storage with ceramic tile shelving. It will keep the space looking sleek and new, and keep you from having to hang a caddy on your brand new shower head.
  4. Dealing with Old Flooring – Old vinyl or tile flooring can be a huge pain to rip up, but an easier way to deal with this is to tear up the underlayment along with it. You will have to put down new underlayment, but this process will be quicker and easier for you.
  5. Choosing Cabinetry – The aesthetics of your bathroom cabinetry can make or break the space. Think about the style you are going for and how a beautifully crafted cabinet will help get the look you want.
  6. Shower vs. Tub – It used to be that having a bathtub was a must if you wanted to sell your home at some point. Now more and more people are opting to only have a shower in their bathroom. Before you start your remodel think about whether you really need a tub or if you would rather have all that space for a nice roomy shower.
  7. Choosing Accents – If you want a pattern in your tile, but don not want to blow your whole budget on the pricy options, consider doing some accent tiles along the top or middle of a shower.
  8. Lighting – If your old bathroom is scarce on lighting think about how you might be able to add more. A skylight is a great option to allow more natural light into the bathroom if your space and budget allow for it.
  9. Down The Road – If you are planning on staying in this house the rest of your life it might be a good idea to consider adding things like a nice tile or wooden bench to the shower, forgoing the threshold to the shower or adding a safety bar.
  10. DIY vs. Not – If you come up against something you are not sure about; don not be afraid to call a pro. It is better to spend the extra money and have it done correctly.

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